• LevenThumps

    It's been six years since I first posted a blog on this wiki, and I've been on and off ever since, slowly trying to add to the wiki. The wiki is still pretty dead, so this post is just something for me to look back on (hopefully in a little bit less than six years).

    I'm relieved to announce that all episodes for Season 2 of I Love Lucy have a page, with all content except pictures and the plot (I know it's kind of a big part, but cast, crew, quotes, and infobox are all added). This is a very small accomplishment in my original goals for the wiki, but it is a step in the right direction. I've admitted to myself that in my current situation, I can't edit the wiki as much as I'd like, so I'm trying to make a goal of adding 2-3 episode pages…

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  • LevenThumps

    My Goals for the Wiki

    November 9, 2012 by LevenThumps

    I know that I'm the only person on the wiki right now, but I decided to make this post to establish my ideas for the wiki and what I hope it can become. I recently became admin through adoption, and have many new plans to make this wiki THE wiki for all things Lucille Ball

    My current goals for the wiki are:

    1. Create pages for all episodes of all shows
    2. Create pages for all characters of all shows (including minor)
    3. Create pages for all actors/actresses of all shows (including minor)
    4. Create a standard format for each page type
    5. Update Main page
    6. Increase Wiki Activity

    I have also added achievement categories for Episodes, Characters, People, I Love Lucy, The Lucy Show, Here's Lucy, and My Favorite Husband, so your edits will not go unnoticed. I hope to …

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