For those contributors who need additional help, this is the place to start. Below is a list of all of our help pages which you may find useful.

Creating an accountEdit

Although not required, we encourage all contributors to create an account and login. Please consult the following page for reasons why this is recommended.


For those new members who are not familiar with editing on a MediaWiki site, you may find the following pages useful.

Viewing contentEdit

  • Searching - if you are unsure on how to use the search function here, please consult this page.
  • Preferences - you may change several settings after logging in, learn what each setting does here.

Lucille Ball Wiki communityEdit

At Lucille Ball Wiki, we encourage all contributors to make themselves part of the community. Below details the various means in which the community works together and communicates.

  • Reverting - in the event that you find a page that needs reverted to an earlier version, please follow the instructions here.
  • User page - for more information on your personalized user page and how you can use it, consult this page.
  • Talk page - read this page to learn more about the accompanying talk or discussion page associated with each article, which you can use to discuss various things with other members of the community.

Additional sources of helpEdit

  • Please see the Wikia Central Help pages for more help.
  • Feel free to leave a message on the talk page of an experienced user.
  • You may post a message in the Help Desk forum.
  • Never hesitate to ask the site founder, Andy.
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