In February of 2007, a Lucille Ball fan by the name of Andy applied successfully at Wikia for The Lucille Ball Wiki. Unfortunately, the site was never fully developed or expanded for quite some time. As a result, The Lucille Ball Wiki can still be considered in its infancy. We've got a long way to go, but hopefully we will come to document every aspect of Lucille Ball in this editable database.

The Lucille Ball Wiki strives to be the most accurate, complete, and up-to-date resource on all things regarding Lucille Ball and her projects. The scope of the wiki includes biographies of cast and crew for the various shows and movies Ball participated in, information regarding her family and other acquaintances, episode descriptions for each of Ball's series, and general information regarding the "Queen of Comedy."

This site is a wiki, which is a Hawaiian word meaning "fast." The guiding principle behind a wiki is that anybody can edit or add to the site's content. Essentially, nearly every page you see on The Lucille Ball wiki can be edited by anyone (and that includes you!), whether that be adding, removing, or improving material. If you see a change that needs to be made, click on the Edit button located at the top of most pages. Or, check out the Help page or Sandbox for help on using the wiki markup. Additionally, thanks the copyright policies The Lucille Ball Wiki is licensed under, the information can be copied, modified, or redistributed provided certain provisions are met. See The Lucille Ball Wiki:Copyrights for specific information.

Currently, The Lucille Ball Wiki features over 120 pages, but that's just the beginning. If you have any knowledge on Lucille Ball or her projects, we encourage you to join the wiki and contribute. Make whatever changes you are comfortable with, be it adding new pages or articles, adding facts where information is missing, or correcting typos and spelling mistakes.

The Lucille Ball Wiki is hosted by Wikia and uses the MediaWiki software. This is the same software many other wikis on the Internet use, including other Wikia sites as well as Wikipedia. In many cases and instances, the wiki markup and organization of the site is the same or very similar.

The Lucille Ball Wiki is a completely fan-made encyclopedia that is in no affiliation with Lucille Ball's family, companies, or productions. Please see The Lucille Ball Wiki:General disclaimer for more detailed information.

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